Key Bear Hunting Techniques Ontario

By Richard Stewart

Bears are known to have a better sense of smell compared to human beings. Their mouth is designed in a way such that it can taste the air. This contributes to their brain areas where there are strong winds blowing, the bear can easily sense the smell of your food from a long distance. Additionally, the more mature and big bears often smell better than the young ones because they have bigger noses that are more developed. Apart from the food they can also smell human beings from afar. This makes hunting for bears harder . Therefore to be a successful hunter you must know a lot about bears. Understand their nature then come up with new tactics. Here are key bear hunting techniques Ontario.

Before you set out yourself to hunt pick specific clothes to wear for the process. Ensure that they are washed with a detergent which is scent free. Ensure they are also thoroughly rinsed with water to mitigate any chances of scent on the clad.

In addition, use of aquarium conditioner should be implemented mostly to the people living in areas where water has high chlorine percentage. Due to its neutralizing effect, chlorine present in water is reduced hence when the same water is used in washing, clothes do not remain with the smell of the chemical on them.

During packing the stuff you might need to going out to hunt, ensure that you use a clean plastic bag that is scent free. If possible, you can purchase another plastic bag. From your research regarding the nature of bears, you will learn that bears love the smell of mint and are more sensitive to that. It is, therefore, safe that you avoid carrying or chewing mint when you are going to hunt. Also, avoid carrying toothpaste when you are going for camping where there are bears.

No smoking. If one is addicted to smoking mostly in shades under trees or other vegetation, then the chances of hunting down bears or even finding them are minimal. One should, therefore, ensure that the clothes and stuff he or she is carrying along do not smell smoke but mint chewing as the best option is advised.

Pick the right camouflage technique. When booking for such a session speak with the outfitter to advise on the right outfits that are fit in the area you intend to carry out your work. It is critical to ensure that you pick on an outfit that will disguise you with the environment you are around. That will make the bears not sense the presence of human beings and thus become simple for you to get them at any time.

Understand the bears sight mannerism. As they age their sight wears but on the other hand can see more clearly. However, they do not see as accurate as human beings. This makes them not differentiate certain colors. For instance, the orange colors seem grey to them on the other hand. But to be more accurate put on clothes that are dark and combine them with the camouflaging aspects to be more successful.

More information should be sleeked from the special experts who are conversant with bears and wildlife officers too on the best hunting time and technique.

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