Reasons Why Fishing Tournaments Are Recognized Among Many People

By Michelle Edwards

In the past, going to the stream and catching fish as most parents would take their children was not only for food but also for a sign of bonding and getting to talk about issues. Through this, years later has been turned to sporting activities. Contests in different parts of the world are being held in fishing tournaments organized for anglers.

Prizing of these competition usually depends with the type of fishers competing. There are those who go to these competitions just for fun and to earn money. Once they catch a fish they measure its length and put it back into the water for its survival. Then others who catch fish for business which they can retain the fish to sell afterwards. Either way there is a prize for the winners just like any other sport.

There are two types of individuals who compete. One can decide to do it alone on land while others do it as a group who go deeper into the water using canoes. With different categories there is a standard set of rules and prizing set.

Many states have come up with the use of permit in order to participate in the competition as a way of making sure the fish species are not endangered. For example in California, since 1975 any sport fish taking place in any California water bodies were required to have a permit in order to participate in the competition from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).

California become protective of its water bodies with the increase of these competitions taking place every now and again. So after every sporting, a written document was required showing the performance of the competitions. This made even work easier by categorizing these events into two. The frequently done event and the yearly which in both cases a documented report was needed and crucial.

For instance in Miami, apart from the crazy parting, people travel from all over the nation to come and compete for the prize of 35000 US dollars. The Sailfish Kickoff which usually takes place in December broke world record in 2005 with 400 sailfish being captured in one day.

Competing in different water bodies has been made possible by the emergence of the internet. People can always stay where they are and fish and still win without having to come in a centralized position. Sites such as the American Angler Challenge makes sure for people to participate in the contests with a camera available. They can take two pictures of what they have seized and send and wait for the announcement of the winner at the end of the day.

Internet has played a vital role in protecting and not endangering the fish while still doing sports. Since the world is covered mostly by water and not land, everybody wishing to participate in these sport can do so wherever they are. All they need to do is access the nearer water body and they are good to go. These diversify the amount of fish killed in the waters during these competitions. The American Angler Challenge has made it possible to fish where you are comfortable and own personal space and still participate in the contests.

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