Why Not Everything About Hunting News Is Bad News

By Laura Ward

From the earliest days man has been a hunter. He hunted for food and he hunted to protect his tribe against predators. To this day men like to be hunters. They love being out in nature, pitting their skills against their prey. These hunters say that they love nature and that hunting is a harmless pursuit. Of course, not everyone agrees with them. However, hunting news is always followed keenly by all and sundry.

There is no shortage of critics of hunters. They are of the opinion that stalking and killing animals is a barbarous pastime that should be banned. They day that hunters are decimating the environment, that they care nothing for the preservation of wildlife and that they are violent in nature. These critics go to great lengths to spread their message and they do their level best to introduce stricter laws.

Critics are especially vocal on the fact that hunters use increasingly sophisticated tools to kill their quarries. They say that modern scopes, high velocity rifles and other new technology have made a mockery of the old age belief that a hunt should be fair. Modern technology, says the critics, has eliminated any possibility of a fair hunt.

Hunters obviously do not feel the same way. They claim that they are lovers of nature. They point out that the biggest threat to natural wildlife is developers and industry that keep on destroying natural habitats. The damage to the environment is largely due to pollution, to human greed and to industries manufacturing those very comforts that critics cherish. Hunters say that they have a very small impact upon the environment.

It is a known fact that trophy hunters contribute huge amounts to nature conservation. Their massive fees in countries such as Botswana, Namibia and South Africa contribute a great deal to the conservation of wildlife areas. This is not an idle boast. Without proper conservation policies, wildlife areas will disappear and hunters will have nowhere to go for their trophies.

Hunters also argue that there is actually very little game left outside of commercial game farms and conservation areas. They therefore hunt in areas that were specifically stocked by the land owner for hunting purposes. They say that there is no real difference between raising cattle or sheep for their meat and raising game to be hunted. The game, at least, are allowed to roam free.

Statistics show that licensed hunters are very seldom involved in shooting accidents and almost never in crimes where firearms were used. Hunters say that they take their sport seriously and that they act in a responsible manner. Hunting is very strictly regulated and no reputable hunter will just for the fun of it.

Hunting will always be controversial. It should not be an emotional issue, however. Animals are killed, sometimes in the most cruel way imaginable, for food every day. Activists do not moan about these inhumane practices, probably because they need their meat. Hunters do no damage to the environment. They should be left in peace.

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