Your Fabulous Travel Guide When Visiting Canada

By Raymond Evans

When you want to visit a place that mixes modern urban sophistication with the marvelous wonders of nature in all her glory, consider taking a trip to Canada. This charming North American country is a friendly next door neighbor to the United States and certainly has plenty to offer for the intrepid traveler. To get your Canadian adventure started, look to these travel tips listed below for guidance.

To kickstart your Canadian endeavors, you must put Toronto on top of your priority list. Save the comfy and rustic hunting lodges in Canada for later because this city needs your foremost attention. As the financial and cultural hub of the Ontario province, you will have plenty of reasons to love Toronto with its interesting mix of urbane sophistication and laidback attitude.

No need for you to fly all the way to France when you can simply head on over to Montreal to enjoy French culture with a decidedly Canadian twist. The capital city of Quebec is a veritable heaven for those who like to learn the French language since its inhabitants primarily use this as their mother tongue. But English speakers should not fear since the population is also fluent with English.

Head off to the pleasant charms of British Columbia to experience the fabulous offerings of Vancouver. Plenty of travel surveys have ranked this city high on the list of the most desirable places to live in because of its excellent quality of life. Strolling through the bustling city streets or passing by the peaceful residential suburbs will probably let you see why this metropolis is a star player.

After going through the wonderful cities, time for you to explore the bucolic wilderness of this nation. You can do no better by starting at the Canadian Rockies spanning through Alberta and British Columbia. Boasting stunning panoramic views of towering mountain ranges and acres of verdant forests, nature lovers will find their slice of paradise in this scenic region.

There are more surprises in store for all the nature lovers wanting that unique Canadian experience. Step into an almost mythical land via The Yukon planted deep in the northwest region of the country. Under the towering splendor of Mount Logan, you can explore the forest grounds and even take blissful canoeing trips through the serene lake waters.

No trip to Canada would be complete without a pilgrimage to the skiing mecca that is Whistler. Peak season is from November to May, and this mountainous region looks so gorgeous covered in blindingly white snow. Thrills and literal chills await you as this top ski destination boasts high tech facilities for visitors seeking the adrenaline rush of various winter sports.

From snow to sea, your Canadian journey should end where you could capture that fantastic feeling of being near the coast. Fronting the Atlantic Ocean and located in Nova Scotia, the city of Halifax has a proud nautical heritage that is evident in their fishing industry. Indeed, you can taste the freshest and most delicious seafood in the country right here.

Taking a break from work or school obligations through vacations is always a great idea. And those ideas will certainly coalesce when you stop by Canada and follow the guide featured above. Allow yourself to always embrace the spirit of discovery when traveling to other places.

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