A Door County Bike Tour Is A Great Vacation Idea

By Christine Fisher

Most people are only lucky enough to get one vacation a year unless they are retired or independently wealthy. For that reason they generally plan those vacations very carefully, mapping exactly where they will stay, what they will see, and where they will go. Taking a Door County bike tour is no different. There are many things to think about and decide before you start off on such an adventure.

Wisconsin is an amazing state with an abundance of natural beauty from south to north. It is also a state where one needs to take into account the weather patterns inherent to its location. If you are bicycling, the summer months seem the most conducive to success. It should not be too hot or too cold during this time and most attractions will be open and accessible to visitors.

When you are making plans for your tour, your might want to think about Sturgeon Bay. The town is located centrally and could be a great starting place for you. Visitors really enjoy the great maritime museum and the historical museum as well. There are find restaurants, interesting galleries representing local and national artists and a wonderful shoreline that attracts bikers, hikers, and fishermen.

Cana Island Lighthouse is located in Bailey's Harbor just to the north of Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor. Once you have cycled up there you can treat yourself to a good look around if you are willing to climb the spiral stairs to the gallery deck. A spectacular view of Lake Michigan and Door Peninsula will make the trek worth it. Apparently water boots are sometimes needed. It would be best to call ahead to find out exactly what the conditions are like.

Bailey's Harbor is also home to Kangaroo Lake, the biggest one in Door. The views around the area are staggering and the wildlife trails unmatched. You should be aware that the preserve does not cater to its visitors when it comes to toilets, trash cans, or water refills. You have to come prepared to handle these items yourself. The lake is a paradise for photographers so you might want to bring a camera along with you.

Once you are on the northern end of the peninsula, Newport State Park is a must see. It is located at Ellison's Bay on the very tip of Door. Being the only park in Wisconsin that is officially wilderness designated makes this a very special visit. You can go off road cycling on any number of trails, but you need to find out in advance which ones are accessible to bikes.

No tour of this area would be complete without a cherry picking session and the middle of summer is the perfect time for it. There are plenty of orchards happy to provide you with the equipment you will need to gather as many cherries as you want. If you decide to take your trip a little earlier in the year, you will be amazed by the beauty of the blossoming trees.

If you decide to take a cycling vacation, you could not choose a better place than Door County, Wisconsin. The natural beauty of the area impresses everyone lucky enough to visit. The people are friendly and welcoming, and there is so much to see and do that you will not have time for it all. A return trip certainly seems inviting.

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