Looking For Guided Gator Hunting In Louisiana

By Robert Murray

Many hunters enjoy going out in to the outdoors to shoot large game and other wild animals. When you are looking for guided gator hunting in louisiana there are many companies that can arrange a trip. Before booking your trip it is highly recommended to do some research on the various options that are available to ensure you arrange the correct type of tour.

The minimum age to go on a gator hunt is eighteen and you should be in reasonably good physical shape. You will need a few essential items of kit including sensible boots, waterproofs, sunscreen and a hat. A gator hunting license needs to be purchased locally before you can take part in the shoot and the firm that arranges the trip can assist you with obtaining one.

When you are searching for a company to arrange a trip there are various places for you to check out. Most businesses will advertise in shooting magazines and they will often have cards in hotels, gun stores and other local businesses. The majority of firms will have a web site and you can make your booking online as well as browsing their web pages to get useful information.

The prices charged for a guided tour in pierre park, LA will vary and will be dictated by which option you choose and how many hunters are taking part. The prices will usually include transfers to and from your boat and a packed lunch is normally provided. There will be some extras that you are able to pay for such as buying fresh gator meat or having an alligator head stuffed and mounted as a souvenir of the day.

The firms that arrange your hunt will usually offer different trips for you to select from. A basic shoot is the popular choice where you and other hunters will share the air boat and a professional guide. Package tours are also available and these are good value as they will include all of the necessary equipment, food and bottled water.

There are more expensive trips which are private and these are popular with dedicated and very experienced alligator hunters. Your personal guide will take you out on the air boat and you can spend the day hunting the prize gators with various types of gun and bow. Between shooting your guide will offer very detailed and educational information about the area and the other wildlife which makes for an interesting day.

Before you select a firm and make your booking it is advisable to contact as many as you can to compare prices. If you are a regular customer and use the same guides regularly you may be able to secure a discount. Most companies will have a testimonials section on their web page and these customer comments are well worth reading to give you an idea of the service you will be offered.

If you do not enjoy hunting you can have a day on the boat as a paying spectator. You will need to buy a helper license to do this and they can be purchased locally. You are then able to have a great day out in the wild and see some very interesting wildlife along with alligators.

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