The Importance Of Military Antenna Manufacturers

By Carolyn Hughes

An antenna is one electrical device that will do the converting of electrical powers into radio wave and also vice versa. This is often utilized with a radio receiver or radio transmitter. An antenna is one essential component for radio equipment. This is usually being used for communication receivers, radio broadcasting, radar, satellite communication, broadcast television, cell phones, and two way radios. Other devices are also using this such as the wireless computer networks, garage door openers, baby monitors, wireless microphones, RFID tags, and Bluetooth devices.

One type for this that is being utilized by militaries is the mono pole. It is consist of a single conductor such as metal rod that is mounted above the ground or artificial surface for a conduction. Umbrella is one of the types of mono pole that is often utilized in a long range military communication. These productions of antennas by the military antenna manufacturers became so much useful to them.

Umbrellas are very large wires that will be transmitting the antennas utilized in the VLF bands. These consist of mast radiator towers that are attached into the top containing multiple wires that extend in mast grounds, literally like umbrellas and tents. These have insulation in the end parts. These also contain narrow bandwidths and require a counterpoise ground with a low resistance and a large loading coil.

Another useful type is the array. A phased array is used in military purposes especially for their jamming system and radar system. It has high gain antennas used in UHF and microwave frequencies which is electronically steerable. It consists of many dipoles with a two dimensional array. Each of the dipole will be fed through the electric phase shifter which is controlled by the computer control system.

One of the oldest type of antenna is the radio kite. It is utilized for carrying the radios in an aloft, that is higher than the practical mast. It is most often associated with a portable radios system and is also used for increasing the radio range in naval ships. The usage of this type is limited since there are some difficulties in the maintenance for its consistent height, an unpredictable wind, and some improvements for transmission, reception, and antenna.

When installing an antenna, it is important to consider its effects on the ground. Factors to consider are height, electrical properties, permittivity, and the conductivity. Particularly, in mono pole antennas, grounds serve as a return connection of the current and this is the reason for the effects.

For the low frequencies to high frequencies, the grounds behave as the lossy dialectrics. And thus, these will be characterized by the permittivity and conductivity. For a lower frequency, it acts as good conductor.

If a frequency ranges from 3 up to 30 megahertz, a large proportion of the energy from antennas that are horizontally polarized will reflect. While a vertically polarized one is not reflected except for its grazing incidence. But the reflection of these grazing angles will be in phase with the direct waves.

The reflections net quality depends on its surface topography. If some surface irregularities may happen to be smaller than wavelengths, there is specular reflection. But if it is bigger than wavelengths, reflection is being shifted by random phases.

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