Essential Details During Spring Turkey Hunting

By John Bell

Turkeys are a species of large birds indigenous to the American lands and is the main food during Thanksgiving celebration. Male birds have beards which differentiate them with female birds although there are hens that could have them too. Male ones produce gobbling sounds which give them the name gobblers and the hens cannot produce this particular sound.

Going on a hunt for them is enjoyable and tricky because of the excellent visions they have which helps them detect approaching danger and run from it. You could try this enjoyable experience by going to spring turkey hunting Texas and catch one for yourself. Here are some things to know about when hunting turkeys.

Find a place that you can hunt for them and these locations could be public or private ones. These birds are very populous around the state but there are not that many public area you can do it. Most of these places are on private land where you have to pay for it but it has the advantage of having lesser competition during hunting.

Determine when is the best time to hunt for turkeys so you could prepare for this activity. Spring is the best season to do it because this is their breeding season as well. Gobblers are the only legal ones you should kill so that hens can breed and lay eggs during this season and you can locate these gobblers easily as they make a sound to attract the females to them.

Do a little scouting before the season will start to find a good place where many gobblers could be found. The places they have been are indicated by the numerous marks they leave such as scratching marks when food searching and foot prints. Locating their roosting place gives you an advantage because you can prepare near it before they wake up and catch one when they do.

Using calling sounds attract the birds which make them respond and helps in locating the exact location they are in. These are useful in locating one you lost sight of or finding a new one to hunt. These sounds attract them thinking that it came from a member of their flock calling out to them.

There are various types of call sounds, the most common being the sound imitating the one made by hens. These are made in various ways with the use of various devices such as slate, diaphragm and box calls. Study which one you will be needing according to the type of sound you like to make.

You must wear full camouflage during this activity so that the excellent vision the turkey has will not spot you easily. This must cover every part of your body including your face and this can be achieved through wearing mask or face paint. Vests are also an important part of your attire as its pockets are useful in storing the different tools you need.

A good set up for hunting is important to distract and have them stay in place. Turkeys leave immediately after sensing danger so decoys are a way of distracting them. There are more set ups available but be sure to have patience while hunting.

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