Getting Ready For Barbary Sheep Hunting

By Melissa Stewart

Different people have various hobbies, which they use to relieve the stress of everyday life. Some people prefer sedentary activities like going for a yoga class or visiting an art museum, while others will go for something a bit more invigorating like Barbary sheep hunting. If you fall into the second category, whether you are a beginner or a veteran, there are things you should do, to ensure you are prepared for the hunt.

To hunt for any animal, you need to have a valid license. The cost and the particulars of each permit will depend on your age, and what you plan to start hunting. Additionally, you will need to take some tests before the wildlife department can issue you with this permit. If you skip this stage and are apprehended by the authorities, you risk going to jail or being fined heavily for poaching.

Sheep hunting is not something you can do while seated and you, therefore, need to start getting active a few weeks before the chosen day. You also have to ensure that your skills are still sharp by practicing using your machines regularly. You are also advised to work on your calling skills, to ensure you can closely mimic the sound of these animals.

Most people who run hunting businesses will offer you either guided or semi-guided tours. The one you choose will depend on your expertise. If you have not been doing this for long, then you might benefit from having a professional on your team. If you know an expert, you can invite them with you, or you can hire a guide.

Mostly when hunting for these creatures, people go for the males. These are usually easier to locate when they are looking for partners during the mating season. Most ranches organize sheep hunts either in spring or fall. This way their numbers can stabilize, and it also prevents young sheep from getting caught in the crossfire.

Unless you own the land where the hunting will be taking place you have to set aside some money for this activity. Some people will charge you per head while others will have fixed packages for different rates. If you have many people with you then choosing an existing payment package may be better than paying per head.

The tools you use and the clothes you wear will play a part in determining whether you hit an animal. You will require proper clothes to protect you from the elements, while still keeping you hidden from the Barbary sheep. Additionally, all your weapons need to be in good condition, and you should confirm that they are fit for hunting.

Once you are sure that you are well-prepared, book your trip. This should be done a couple of months in advance, to ensure that you get a spot at the ranch of your choosing. It will also prevent you from rushing at the last minute and also give everyone in your party enough time to prepare.

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