Facts About Aoudad Hunting Activities

By Joshua Jackson

An aoudad refers to a certain species of sheep that came about as a result of crossing an antelope and a goat. Another name by which it goes is Barbary sheep. Rocky Mountains located in North Africa are the first place these animals were discovered. They are rare to come by. Introduction into South Europe and North America occurred only recently. They go by different names worldwide, including Arruis, Arui, and Waddan. Aoudad hunting has endured for many years.

This breed of sheep is larger than the other type of sheep. They are characterized by a sandy brown coat when they are young that darkens as they grow older. The Barbary sheep also have a red brown color on the outer part of their legs and a dark line on their back. They also have a lighter color on the lower side of their stomachs.

Hunting aoudads is the practice of killing or trapping aoudads. It is mostly done by people with specialized skills such as hunters for food or recreation. Before they only had predators such as leopards and lions, currently humans are the only ones threatening their population. Excessive hunting combined with competition with other species has led to decrease in population of barbary sheep.

The hunting of the aoudad has led to the implementation of regulations and rules so as to curb the decrease of the aoudad. For status a hunter has to be licensed before they start their hunting and also the hunters are to hunt only one aoudad no more. The hunters are to use the required arms which should be licensed and only hunt in the allocated fields.

Hunting a Barbary sheep is not a very simple task as many people may want to imagine. As such, being fit is a major requirement. The process is very tedious, involving climbing a vast range of terrains and as such, being physically fit is important. Being a good spotter is also another important requirement because the animals need to be spotted and shot at. It is important to learn certain aspects about the animal first. For instance, one needs to know where they drink water, where they live, and where they find food.

Their shooting should also be accurate and on the spot or else the game might escape. When practicing barbary hunting they are hunted by spot and stalk. The terrain is usually rougher so one should get ready to cover some ground. They should wear the correct attire for hunting and most especially a good pair of hunting boots.

This is both economical and a good adventure. The animals offer a challenge because they are very rear to come across. To locate them, one may need to conduct a lot of research through magazines and TV channels that have information regarding the sheep. Several magazines are available that offer useful information to people interested in hunting these animals. One should read such magazines.

Aoudads are big games. Going after them makes one to experience the beauty and stunning views of the outdoor life. Their meat provides mouthwatering dishes in a high altitude camps. It is an adventure worth living. Chasing after the sheep is a beautiful outdoor experience that people should experience once in a while.

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