Facts About Pronghorn Antelope Hunts

By Scott Lee

Hunting refers to killing of animals by humans or by other animals in order to acquire food. In the case of animals, the animal that is hunted is called the prey for instance antelope while the hunting animal is the predator like the lion. There are numerous ways of hunting depending on the type of prey being hunted. Pronghorn antelope hunts offer hunters good experience.

Hunting can be classified according to the wildlife service into legal and illegal hunting. Legal hunting is the killing of animals that are not restricted and which may not result in a jail term . It may refer to hunting where the act of hunting is allowed. Illegal hunting on the other hand refers to the act of hunting where hunting is restricted or for malicious damage. It is commonly known as poaching.

There are many different methods one can use to hunt. These methods do not only apply to animals living on the surface, but also those that live in the water and under the surface. When it comes to fishing, there are many ways that can be used to catch fish. One can use nets, spears, baskets and fishing rods among many others. Animals on the surface of the earth may be hunted using trapping methods, spears, bores and baits among others.

The methods used during hunting are usually based on the size of the animal preyed upon. The use of baits is common on animals that are small and are not strong enough to escape such as birds. The baits are put in position to lure the prey and when the start eating the bait the hunter catches them before they escape.

For those animals with strong physical bodies and energy, a hunter can use arrows and bows since they are clever and not easy to be baited. Where other methods cannot be used successfully, rifles may be used. Rifles provide security to the hunter against the animals, which can be very dangerous in some cases. Using rifles can cause a lot of harm to the jungle besides being an expensive option.

Animals may be forced to move to specific places before they are captured. The hunters ensure that the place will cause a lot of distress to the animal and it will be forced to surrender and therefore being caught. Caves are often suitable venues for this kind of hunting when the prey enters in the hunters attack it from the entrance. The animal may search for a means to escape without success.

Dogs are sometimes used to hunt animals when speed is a vital skill for capturing the animal. Dogs chase the animal around until it grabs it with its teeth or it is fatigued and surrenders. Animals like the hare are a good example where this method can bear fruit. It is important for the hunter to train the dog before making an adventure.

The hunter should have a wide knowledge about the environment that the prey is found. At any given time, they should be able to predict the behavior of an animal when they are exposed to certain conditions. For instance, the angler should tell where the fish are situated.

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