Facts And Misconceptions On Hog Hunting

By Roger Campbell

People are compelled to indulge in hunting because it is a satisfying sport, besides the fact that a successful kill provides enough meat. Hogs are misunderstood creatures. Their intelligence level cannot be ignored. Hog Hunting is an exercise that ought to be guided by informed decisions, and if one is unaware, the animal may pose a danger, especially when defending their offspring or when the situation jeopardizes its life.

Hunters are classified into three broad classifications. There is the opportunistic hunter. Such persons only shoot when the wind blows the animal on sight by chance. On the other hand, there is the trophy hunter, whose primary motivation is to bag home the biggest boar with the largest tusker. Lastly, the meat hunter hunts majorly because of meat, and look for a well-nourished boar that can provide the best meat.

It is perilous to set out on a hunt of an animal you slightly know about. Having some concrete facts on the animal is crucial. At the edge of your mind, always remember that the hog is not as damn as most perceive it to be. In fact, they have a level of intelligence that calibrates them with chimps on factors regarding cognitive values.

The animal is hardly limited to the same environment, for they are incessantly moving. Even when you think they can be stationary, as in during feeding time, they do not cease to move, not even when they are in a collection around a feeder. The only sign that may signal their presence is the sound of loud grunts when they are in a group of several individuals. Hence, when you spot one, never hesitate to pull the trigger. It may be your only perfect chance.

A hog may not have the best sight, but it is wise not to fool its nose. The reason is that boars have an enhanced level of smell. No wonder most successful hunts have been a result of diligent stalking. Their stouts have a high concentration of sensory cells that pick up the smallest scent in the air. One is only lucky if the course of the wind in your direction.

Be on the lookout for good weather. Doing so plays to your advantage. Hogs lack sweat glands, and therefore lack the internal metabolism to maintain coolness. To the initiated hunter, hot weather means that hogs cannot run for long due to the high temperatures the body generates. During hot water, you may find them near water holes in areas dense with thick vegetation. Their movement is limited to the night or evening when the temperatures are cool.

The points discussed above are tried and true. However, there is a lot of information out there about hogs that are merely misconceptions and may put your life in danger while hunting. For instance, people are led to adopt the thought that it is only by a high caliber rifle that you can take down the animal. What lies unknown to them is that such sorts of weapon destroy the much desired meat.

During hunting, it is understandable to track your kill using blood trails. Unlike what people think, this means of tracking a kill is not applicable with hogs. Their skin has a thick adipose layer that hardly lets out blood. It will, therefore, usurp sometime before one can identify a trail.

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