Various Methods Used During Gator Hunts

By Jason McDonald

Alligators are large crocodilian reptiles with the American species native to southeastern United States and inhabits freshwater wetland like cypress swamps and marshes. They are distinguished from the American crocodile with its darker coloration, overlapping jaws and broader snout. They tolerate the cooler climates more compared to crocodiles who prefers tropical climates.

More people are wanting to experience harvesting or hunting them because of a variety of reasons even when doing so is dangerous. You can go with other people with similar interest on gator hunts and one of them should preferably be an experienced hunter. There are various techniques, practices, and equipment used for capturing them.

All states have different legal methods for hunting them so be familiar with what those are within your state first. Alligators are hunted commonly at night, which some states allowing this, which can be located with their reflective eyeshine that glows red. The following are several methods you can use in capturing them when they get in range.

Wire snares are fixed to restraining line mounted to poles loosely with small rubber bands or pieces of tape. They are normally used in securing the gator after being subdued near your boat and snagged or harpooned. They can be used also as the initial capture technique although they could not be ignored because they should be held by hand.

Gigs or harpoons may be used for affixing restraining lines into alligators and will consist of the penetrating point secured to restraining line. These penetrating points could be a fish gig, straightened fishhook, spear point or detachable dart. Harpoon is normally mounted on an arrow shaft, pole or spear then thrown while the gig is jabbed.

Snatch hooks are weighted treble hooks attached to a line which are used in affixing to a gator. These can either be hand held or combined with a long and stout fishing rod and reel then will be cast over the alligator or the area it submerged to. They would be retrieved until they make contact and should remain tight while waiting for the animal to tire.

Baited hook is fishing for alligators essentially and are set within the day though its intent is to capture them overnight. Doing this involves suspending it above water and checking it every day with the best bait being rotten chicken. Sets are usually created with a large hook, rubber band, leader, rope, long cane pole and an anchor.

Bangsticks are common equipment for hunting alligators and considered effective and safe tool for killing them humanely. You could do this by shooting behind the immediate center of their skull cap in an angle directed towards their brain. Discharging it must be done below the waterline for reducing the likely aerial dispersal of bullet and bone fragments.

Guns could also be used though the alligator must be captured first before dispatching it using this or a bangstick. Most firearms have the capabilities in dispatching gators but they still depend on how skilled the user is. Hunting them is dangerous not because of the animals only but also due to the hazards of using these tools.

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