Bicycle Brakes Make for a Good Stopping

By Fiona Moseley

Magura brakes knows something about stopping bikes, as they have been making motorcycle brakes for over 60 years, and bicycle brakes for almost 30 years. Thee mountain bike brakes from Magura are among the best because they are strong. All of the models of brakes from Magura offer glorious modulation also. Magura products are also green as they use mineral oil rather than the more tough DOT brake liquid.

Magura has always proved to be powerful and trusty. The current top of the line Magura brake for mountain bikes is the MT8. The MT8 is created in a special injection molded process that saves weight and increases strength. Barakes are of course, of paramount importance to anybody seriously involved in biking because without them there's no stopping. Don't even think about riding without brakes.

The MT8 is extremely light-weight, and weighs in at just 278 grams including rotor and mounting hardware. Magura makes lots of other models of mountain bike brakes for stopping besides the MT8, and those other Magura mountain bike brakes share all the same features, with the sole exception of having an aluminium lever blade rather than carbon fiber, making it ideal for DH and freeride applications.

The MT8 offer maximum stopping power when you're riding your bicycle. It is also great for trail biking. Trail bikes need masses of stopping power, which the Magura MT8 provides. It also provides fantastic blockage for riders desiring to leap their bikes. Often cycles riders need to decelerate and Magura MT8 brakes can do that very well.

For any of these mountain bike brake applications, an adaptor is mostly needed. Magura makes a full line of adaptors to fit all models. Check with Magura to ensure the correct fitment of your trail bicycle brakes. Enjoy the off-road bike ride and stop faster with the best of show Magura brakes.

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