The Correct Kind of Wheels for Road Bikes

By Christy Carson

Techlite makes the best wheels for bikes. These high tech wheels are light and aerodynamic aluminum and carbon fiber wheels for your mountain biking pleasure.

Techlite aluminum wheels feature an aerodynamic 24mm deep profile, and weigh in at a glossy 1460 grams for the pair, including rapid relase skewers. Techlite wheels also feature a low spoke count of 20 in the front wheel and 24 in the rear wheel, for lightweight and further decreased wind resistance. These wheels roll ultra fast, plus they are round.

The Techlite carbon wheels can be found in both clincher and tubular versions. What does clincher and tubular mean you ask? In road biker parlance, a Techlite clincher is what you could consider as a standard wheel and tire combo, either tubeless or having a conventional inner tube. A Techlite tubular wheel accepts a special tire that has the inner tube sewn into the tire, and this tire/tube combo (i.e. Tubular) is then stuck on the dedicated tubular rim. Tubulars are beneficial because they will be able to be run at way higher pressure and many riders feel they supply a better ride. Clinchers offer more tire decisions, and seriously simpler upkeep and flat repair[**].

The Carbon clincher wheelset features an air slicing 38mm deep area is merely a feathery 1400 grams for the set, also counting fast release skewers. The Techlite tubular carbon wheelset has all of the important features of the clincher but loses more weight, coming in at helium like 1340 gram for set, including rapid release clamps.

Techlite rims have hearts, spokes and an edge. The tire goes on the rim, and the inner tube goes within the tire. Following the installation of the tube and tire on your new Techlite wheels, fill up the inner tube to the desired pressure. Mount them on your bikes, go ride your bicycle and revel in the ride.

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