Concealed Carry Holsters For Maximum Concealment

By Rosalinda Skinner

Good concealed carry holsters are capable of disguising a weapon carried on a person with a permit, but provide enough space to adequately draw them if the need arises. Each state has its own laws on these types of concealers, and some can only be issued with a permit or if there is a legitimate, job-related need to have a weapon on hand at all times.

The most common form of holster holds the firearm at the waist by the dominant shooting hand. As most persons are right handed, holsters are located o the right side for a quick draw in the event that personal protection is needed.

Most holding options are made from three different materials, each with their own advantages. Leather remains the most popular and romantic choice of all the options. It is also long lasting and easier to conceal. Nylon is more comfortable and flexible for larger guns that may be carried. Kydex is a plastic imitate that can mold to the specific shape of the gun.

Customized gun holders can be brand or gun model specific, making them easier and more comfortable to hold and conceal a certain weapon or weapon type.

Maximum concealment is often found in the form of ankle holster. This provides almost invisible concealment but is also significantly slower to draw that belt methods of carrying. For those with a need for invisible carry options, or those who wear dress clothes, ankle holders are a good method to remain undetected, or as a backup method to a belt holster.

When deciding upon which type of concealment option is best, the reading and understanding of various ordinances in the county and state of residence is an important factor in finding out what is legal in the area. Some states only offer permits to individuals whose job is to protect, such as security guards who desire a method of personal protection for their clients.

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