Increasing Your Vertical Leap With Proven Techniques

By Gabrielle Knoss

You can instantly become a better athlete in almost any sport when you increase your vertical leap. Many sports enthusiasts envy the talents of basketball greats Michael Jordan and Shaq as they watch them fly through the air to score point after point. Fortunately for you, it's not necessary to a world class athlete to make some significant progress in that area. No matter where your abilities lie right now, you can still learn to jump higher and increase your skill level in any chosen sport. We will discuss techniques in this article for doing just that.

Pylometric exercises is one techniques that can be used (and has been used by many athletes) to increase vertical jumping ability and they have proven effective especially when practiced regularly. You will find that there are many varieties of this exercise but the results are the same giving you both speed and power in your movements. These exercises focus on your body's ability to generate the kind of explosive power it takes to jump. If you want to use extra equipment like medicine balls you can but usually your own body is enough. You can use these exercises with the aide of a video trainer or you can hire a personal trainer to teach you proper techniques too.

As you learn to increase your vertical jumping ability you should also set goals where possible. You should set attainable goals not associated with height or length as this could cause you some frustration if you aren't meeting the goal. You'll want to set goals to focus on the areas you want to see improvements in. Setting goals like these will make you more likely to stick to them and be able to see your improvements over time.

In order to avoid muscle strains you should do a lot of stretching before and after your vertical leap exercise. The absolute last thing you need is an injury as this will set your training back farther than you want. Warming up the major muscle groups not only reduces the likelihood of injury but makes you more flexible which will improve your vertical leap. The leg muscles are especially important to pay attention to due to the amount of stress you are putting them under in order to increase your vertical leap.

It will take time to improve your vertical leap because it's not a simple skill to conquer. Continue working on this skill throughout the life of your sports career. It may feel like you aren't gaining any benefit regardless of how hard you train. You may not notice changes now, but stick with your training and you could see a big change all of a sudden. Your level of consistency is your critical key to increase of the vertical leap. Don't focus on getting better, instead focus on doing your best. Use of these techniques and persistence in your efforts will help you see the results you desire most.

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