A Design Aspect Of The Litespeed C1R

By Mark Belmont

The Litespeed C1R is a product of that has proved to be a masterpiece. It is a well researched product that complements a great design with efficient performance. The standards set by the manufacturers of this awesome equipment take the biking element into a whole new level. This bike is a stronger, faster and durable piece of equipment.

The aerodynamic revolution of this great bike has taken the fundamentals of air resistance technology to another level. The easy power transmission gives the perfect control to an already superb machine. The persistent efforts by the company to provide the best has produced one of most researched bike in world. The skills in perfecting the frame ensure the air resistance has been greatly minimized.

The market is full of bikes but nothing even comes close to this instrument of performance. Every little detail is well thought and carefully crafted to ensure the provision of a lifetime experience. The superior handling and other operations of the bike are well considered through research and engineering efforts.

The bike is lighter due to the external routing of the cable. It well placed along the frame to ensure that it can easy to maintain and adjusted if need arise. The T60 nano fiber tech that is used make certain that the bike is long-lasting and impact resistance. It also helps in reducing the road vibrations.

One of the ways the engineers have transformed the bike is through the fork. After hours of wind tunnel testing they discovered it was more efficient by opening the crow and redesigning to create a funnel shape, the flow of air was allowed through. By providing a wider bowed fork legs the air resistance on the front wheel has been minimized tremendously.

This bike has amazing acceleration and the firm chainstays commands an ultimate reaction from the rear. This element also makes it to give you a smooth and easy ride that is faster. The sweep turns has become faster and more controllable as well. The cyclist is provided with the ultimate control by the bike.

The performing ability of this magnificent bike will not affect your comfort in way. Through a lot of time in research the engineers optimized on reactive pressure molding. They produced the precise control for manufacturing the best frame. It is an instrument of agility and maximum efficiency. The Litespeed C1R is unbeatable in every aspect of design and performance.

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