Guided Deer Hunts of a Lifetime

By Lisa Pike

Have you dreamed of hunting on a cool, fall morning, with the scent of dew in the air, pursing a monster buck? There is simply nothing more exhilarating then passing time on a led deer hunt, as the mist begins to raise just enough to expose a trophy Whitetail. I will be able to always remember some of the times I have spent in a crouched position looking thru my riflescope, shivering from the cool air and the heart battering with an anticipation of bagging an old moss back. If you are looking for guided deer hunts and a very unique hunting experience, Little Tex Hunts is the location for you.

Little Tex Hunts hunting preserve offers a chance to enjoy led deer hunts in some of the finest hunting grounds in Wisconsin. With different large game hunts to choose between including Trophy Elk, Prize White Tail, and Prize Exotics, the ranch provide a true hunters ultimate hunting destination. "Little Tex Hunts," offered as Wisconsin's premier hunting destination has given a 100% success rate with guns guaranteeing you a successful hunt and getting the maximum value for your hunting dollar.

This is really a hunters paradise. All hunts are all inclusive, 5 days 4 nights, meals, lodging, and some of the largest prize big game in the country. The helpful and terribly knowledgeable guide offers an one-on-one guided deer hunting experience to form a special once in a lifetime excitement.

A further luxury at Little Tex Hunts, is there are activities for the whole family. You don't need to be a hunter to enjoy the beauty of passing time at the ranch. For those that are looking out for something else, there are fishing ponds, a sandy beach for swimming, biking trails, photograph safaris and many other activities to enjoy.

Spend your next vacation at Little Tex ranch enjoying one of the guided deer hunts offered by our experienced guides. The ranch will deliver a singular experience you will never forget. Go to for more testimonials, detailed information, and all of the exciting offers available at Little Tex Hunts.

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