The Fishing Tackle Worthy of the Gods

By Jerome Kid

One of the most popular members of the pantheon of deities of Roman Mythology is Apollo, the god of knowledge and oracles. Grey's MK3 Rod was named after this god since some of its qualities are patterned after the characteristics of this Roman deity. This fishing tackle has a configuration and design that combines both information and experience when it is used in water. This rod is the same as Apollo in such a way that it can see the future catch of the rod for that day.

The structure of this fishing tackle is made of two sections merged together using a Slide Lock reel seat with Fuji BMNAG rings and Rod bag which enables its easy transport. The casting weight of this rod ranges for only about five to six ounces even with the Rod Bands already included in it. This rod also offers additional durability and stability with its bolted and raised reel foot. One can surely rely on the advantage provided by this rod in angling similar to the Delphic prophecies of Apollo.

The butt framework Apollo MK3 fishing tackle is parallel and slender in structure which makes it durable yet lightweight at the same time. Because of this design, the rod and the reel can be easily moved even though situations in the water suddenly change. The throw created when casting the bait is also easily controlled thanks to the accuracy that this rod lends to the line while it is on the air until it hits the water. The 'Sure Grip' shrink tube added to the Slide Lock Reel Seat also makes this rod easier to handle. These qualities can be likened to the popular sun chariot of Apollo since this rod is very easy to manipulate and is always accurate in its casts.

This fishing tackle has a length of thirteen to fourteen feet. The MK3 design is a result of its company's strict and vast laboratory and open water research, ensuring its premium capacity of providing the best experience to anglers. This rod also uses a stainless steel frame which is commonly used by the best casting and spinning rods and BMNAG Alconite guides from Fuji which gives it a lightweight construction. This rod is further strengthened by its black encrusted surface and its reel also works best when used with braided lines. This rod can be considered as one of the best in the fishing equipment industry, being closely related and designed from Apollo's ideas and innovations.

The Apollo MK3 fishing tackle is the brainchild of the Greys company with the help from the experts like Rebecca Thorpe, Chris Ogborne, Henry Gilbey, and Nick Hart. All products of this company are made only by the leading technicians in this business with the use of the most up-to-date technology in creating quality freshwater and saltwater fishing rods. The collaboration and efforts of these experts clearly prophesies that this rod will provide nothing but the best performance in any kind of fishing trip.

If you are hunting for the best fishing tackle, you should definitely include the Greys Apollo MK3 rod in your list of choices. Only the best materials are used in the creation of this rod with the help of the best angler in the industry. This rod is one piece of fishing equipment that a good angler should have in his collection.

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