The Fishing Tackle Brought By Angels to Earth

By Jerome Kid

A well-lauded brand of reels and fishing tackle recently released an improved version of one of their top fishing rod. The Angel 2 Fly Reel from Hardy possesses all the notable features of its predecessor model coupled with other improvements that made it better when used by the angler in water.

Compared to the Angel 1 model, the latest framework of this fishing tackle comes with a larger Arbor attachment and a 4/5 weight line capacity . The rod is also corrosion and scratch free thanks to its exterior with an anodized finish. This model also allows both left and right hand retrieve mechanism, making it the dream rod of every flexible angler. All these characteristics makes the Angel 2 Fly Reel perfect for both quiet and running bodies of water. As if all of these are not yet enough, the rod's weight can also be adjusted from its original weight of 2/3 to 11/12. The possibilities are truly endless with this fishing tackle.

This fishing tackle from Hardy contains many other features. The rod has a redesigned clutch system which allows easier conversion with one click. The whole system has a concealed check schematic and a much-improved Rulon drag system that provides better handling when there is a fish jumping on the other line. The drag knob is also uniquely shaped for simple and easy adjustment. The click check system can also improve the length and strength of the fishing rod.

The Hardy brand is already a well-respected name in the fishing industry. Its current partnership with Greys, however, has definitely improved the quality of its line of products. The Hardy brand was established in 1872 and first became popular in the fly-fishing industry. Unlike other brands, this fishing tackle designer has continuously improved its previous designs to create new and exciting fishing equipments for both the amateur and professional anglers.

William Hardy was actually a well-known gunsmith in Alnwick, Northumberland in 1872. He created the Hardy Brothers Partnership with his brother which is a business that sells high quality shotguns and pistols. Both brothers have a hobby of fishing every holiday season, a passion which later on defeated their desire of creating guns . After a lot of thinking, both decided to change the products of their company and created the Hardy fishing tackle line for both the UK and global market.

The first models of fishing tackle the company manufactured used lancewood, greenheart, and bamboo as its materials. The first creation of the company won an exhibition gold medal in 1881 and was called the Hardy Palakona Bamboo rod which is a rod in a hexagonal shape. It was only when the company decided to not participate in such exhibitions that it stopped winning recognitions and medals. The brand, however, still keeps up its tradition of creating rods that mix both modern technology and unparalleled craftmanship. Among other brands in the market, this rod still provides one of the best feel and hold experience to its users. It seems like the angels have truly granted this amazing rod to us with its superior performance.

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