Mountain Biking is About Getting Fit and Having A Good Time

By Carmen Harper

Outlaw wheels are made by Azonic. Azonic makes Outlaw Wheels for mountain biking. The Outlaw wheels from Azonic are round. They're also available in many colours. The Outlaw Wheels from Azonic are available in the colors of red, blue, green, white and black. All the Azonic Outlaw Wheels feature black spokes.

The hubs of the Azonic Outlaw wheels are coloured to match the colour of the edge. All the Outlaw wheels from Azonic feature black spokes and brass nipples. Brass nipples are stronger than other kinds of nipples. The Outlaw wheels are made with 32 spokes for extra strength.

Mountain biking is a sport for those who really love the outdoors and nature but also want a good workout. Wheels are designed for use on a mountain bicycle and are designed especially for mountain biking. They're excellent for mountain biking because they are high-performance wheels. The Outlaw wheelset from azonic is wonderful for trail rides, and is also strong enough for hard core down hill MTB action. These wheels are great for mud jumping also. The wide selection of colors available means that there is an Outlaw wheel that will match your cycle wonderfully.

The Azonic Outlaw Wheelset rim is welded and pinned, and also has a double-wall design rim design with an additional wide profile for extra strength, durability and rigidity, plus 32 spoke construction for added strength and pedaling potency. 7075 series aluminium is utilized in the Outlaw Wheels edge construction. Front wheel heart converts from using a quick release skewer to employing a 15mm & 20mm through spindles.

The Outlaw mountain bike wheels come with the front center change kit. The posterior wheel allows you to select from 135mm or 150mm Rear spacing. The front wheel weights 997g, the rear wheel weighs 135mm: 1247g, 150mm: 1273g. Azonic Outlaw wheels are awesome to ride.

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