The Risks of Surfing

By Olivia Smith

There are literally thousands of places you can body surf or Handboard/ Handplane likely even more than you can surf. As a bodysurfer/ Handboarder you can ride waves that are unrideable to surfers and have excellent time. I personally really like to take my Hand board out when I am either a little surfed out to change it up, or when I really feel like there is a great possibility I might finish up breaking my board for the reason that of dumpy shore break circumstances.

Costa Azul, Mainland Mexico 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta this is a little corner point break in front of the hotel that gets an wonderful amount of swell and gets genuinely major but pretty fun. Be prepared to get washed about a small bit and usually keep in mind to take you Fins out with you here it has a robust back wash/existing

Makena Massive Beach, Maui Don't let the idyllic setting of crystal clear water and white powder sand fool you! This wave can lead to harm. But if you are seasoned in the water it's one of the best areas I have ever body surfed. As you'd expect from Hawaii the water is ideal and the wave is pretty strong.

I was dumped onto the sand a lot more than a few occasions and that's exactly where the danger lies. There are signs as you come onto the beach warning of broken necks "beware"! this spot is not for the faint of heart when it is firing.

A beach suitable in front of a city. The negative: it can get a little crowded. The excellent: it effortless to get to and when it is firing it is firing. Also when it is firing most of the locals are surfing so you can get the little inside section that picks up more than the sandbar and fires once more into a best little barrel too swift for body surfing without having a Handboard and fins. it would not be fair to say there are all sorts of tiny spots along the east and west coast of south Africa.

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