Top notch Fishing Tackle

By Jerome Kid

If you are thinking of trying to take angling and is looking for a premium fishing tackle, then the Fin-Nor Marquesa Lever-Drag Reel with Top Bar is a good choice you can try. This tool is perfect for neophytes of this hobby because it has been proven to give stability and durability.

This fishing tackle can hold at least 30-pound heavy monofilament line at 320 yards, and 50 pounds braided line at 670 yards. Its reel has a total weight of 26.8 ounces and can manage over 40 pounds of the line and bait's maximum drag. Its drag is made with the material carbon fiber while its frame's material is a 6061-T6 aluminum frame with an adjustable clicker which users can use to pull the line.

It also comes with an alterable lever and a clicker tension adjustable via a dial which assists in managing the drag. The reel is fitted with an ergonomically designed crank handle that helps pull in the line and the fish. The gears of this model are also designed to have dual retrieves with individual ratios of 3.1:1 and 6.1:1, allowing flexibility and stable control. The overall structure of Fin-Nor includes a fishing reel and tackle that are low weight, fast on the water, and flexible enough to allow the perfect synchronization of power, precision and innovation. The Marquesa fishing tackle has a single and two speed action that can easily accommodate either a monofilament or a braided line with ease.

The body of the fishing tackle has a 6061-T6 middle to high tensile strength aluminum portion with the remaining body made with high strength alloy. As a result of these materials, this fishing rod is more than capable of providing flexibility and strength against the force of powerful currents and baits thrashing at the end of the line. This fishing rod is also corrosion resistant against salt air and seawater because of the surface coating used on its aluminum. Its surface is also anodized with the help of an electrical current, further strengthening it. Aside from being durable, it can also be flattened, brazed, or soldered. A spool and standard gear side cover is also added into the forged body of reel . Its spool has six ball bearings and a roller clutch which function together to the provide smooth pulling even during high tension situations. The reel and the rod's efficiency and efficacy is also improved with the help of the carbon fiber washers fixed on the drag system.

The Fin-Nor Marquesa Lever-Drag Reel with Top Bar is the result of many years of experience and knowledge from the greatest of anglers like Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Glassel Jr, and Tom Gifford. The company was the brainchild of the joining of Mr. Finley and Mr. Norwood’s talents in creating rods and reels back in Miami. Their first big game reel was created in 1933 and was used by Capt. Tom Gifford in catching a 527-pound blue fin tuna at Cat’s Cay. It was that event that gave birth to the legend of Fin-Nor that still continues up to this day. Now under the stewardship of the W C Bradley Corporation, the Fin-Nor history and heritage of creating top quality craftsmanship and unparalleled durability is still being continued by each fishing tackle that they produce which allows beginners to gain the knowledge and experience of big game anglers.

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