Flood Light Vs. Spot Light

By Sophia Surk

So, you've decided to attempt mountainbiking at night (take a look at this short article on why would you would like to ride your mountainbike at night)? Excellent, now you'll need some bike lights. You'll find a few kinds of bike lights, but as of late get a LED lamp - without a doubt. But what type? The main differences between lamps is the power - how many lumens do they emit. What's a lumen? A lumen is a unit of measurement for how much light is contained in an area. More lumens indicates more light. Then there's the built of the lamp - how quality it is, is it waterproof, what sort of mounting does it have and so forth.. Then there are actually the batteries - how long do they last, how swiftly are they re-charged, how heavy are they, how are the batteries mounted to your mountainbike. All these factors sort of go hand in hand with the value. So your spending budget limits the power of the lamp and most of other things.

But then there is one property of lamps that you also must know. Does your lamp give flood light or spot light and which one is best, which one you'll need. Initially let me clarify the difference between flood lights and spot lights.

Flood Light

As the name suggests - a lamp that gives you flood light will lighten a bigger wider area in front of the bike. It's going to light it evenly without a bright spot in the center however it won't light it incredibly far ahead of one's bike. This obviously also depends on the power of the lamp. Flood light is also a lot more pleasant for the ascents.

Spot Light

On the other hand - a lamp which will give you spot light will lighten a a lot more narrow area in front of the bike but it will reach further ahead than a flood light. This of course again also depends on the power of the lamp. Spot light is also the brightest in the middle and after that fades away towards the edges.

So which one is better for mountainbiking?

Both! If you want the best of the best then you will want both lights at the same time. One flood and one spot. Flood to provide you great visibility around your trail and spot to give you the distance. But for anyone who is only going to obtain one lamp then get a powerful flood lamp. A powerful flood lamp will do for most of the circumstances except a really rapid downhill where you truly also need the distance that the spot light provides you.

Then there is also the handlebars vs. helmet setup. I recommend you also read this article on the perfect bike light setup for mountainbiking.

And one more thing - pretty generally the light manufacturers don't mention climate a certain light is a flood light or a spot light. I recommend that you simply check the comments on every lamp on several mtb forums or assessment internet websites. Lamp customers will promptly mention if a light is a flood light or a spot light.

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