Places To See On California Cycling Tours

By Flora Vinson

There are many interesting places to see when you are on California cycling tours. The state is full of historical locations as well as natural scenery that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Most packages are designed to give you an authentic outdoors experience.

Some cyclists opt for spending the majority of their time in the wine country. By touring Napa, visitors have access to the best wine produced in America. Wineries like the Robert Mondavi estate will be hosts to persons from all across the United States. Guests may taste Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay after a delicious picnic lunch.

The wine valley is known for fine cuisine. The dishes are influenced by settlers from Spain and Italy. Fresh salads with olives from the region, pasta seasoned with thyme, flan topped with sun ripened tomatoes, goat cheese and other artisanal products are available. There are also operators that supply fresh organic fruit and vegetables to hungry riders during the journey.

The historic town of Monterey was the capital of this state under Spanish rule. Popular activities in this waterfront community are kayaking, golf, whale watching and scuba diving. Good photo opportunities are provided by the marine sanctuary which has seabirds and other wildlife.

This state sees a lot of visitors who are interested in custom trips. Guides will take small groups along the beautiful coastline. The Northern Coast Ranges stretch from the Bay Area to Oregon. Riders can stop at the Ocean World aquarium, Carson Mansion and the Arcata Wildlife Sanctuary.

On some california cycling tours, riders stop in Muir Woods. This forest has some of the largest living organisms found in the world. The Giant Coastal Redwoods that grow in the area have been around for a long time. At one point in American history, these redwoods were used for logging.

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