Mountainbiking Bike Light Setup

By Sophia Surk

Mounting Lights On Handlebars

A handlebar mounted lamp will light in the direction of the handlebars. So if you wish to see left you would must turn your handlebars towards the left and vice versa. This is naturally not really practical. Generally you turn your head prior to you turn your handlebars when checking the trail ahead. Also - you may not actually see left or right from the trail like... if there is a suspicious noise coming from the bushes :) or something like that.

But however a handlebar mounted lamp is much more practical mainly because it is on the bike rather than on your head.

Mounting Lights On Helmets

If you mount the lamp on your helmet the light will often follow your head. Wherever you look the light will follow. Another fantastic thing is extra height. A lamp on a helmet will throw the light on the trail ahead from a higher point which signifies less shadows. However it is kind of impractical since it makes your helmet heavier and you will need a cable connecting the lamp and the batteries to be hidden somewhere on you. The best thing would be to have a backpack so the batteries are in the backpack and there's only little distance from the helmet to the batteries.

What kind of Bike Lights Should You Get And Where To Place Them?

1. Best Case Scenario - Spot Light On Helmet, Flood Light On Handlebars

When you have sufficient cash and you don't mind carrying two lamps then get one powerful spot light and one strong flood light. Then place the flood light on the handlebars and spot light on your helmet.

Spot light on your helmet implies that the strong beam of light will always follow your head so it's going to be right in front of one's eyes at all times. This way you will not have difficulty with sharper borders of the spot light - for those who look from a bright spot into a darker location you may be blinded for a while, like stepping inside from strong sun. But if the bright spot is often in front of you you do not have to...actually you can not look away.

Flood light on handlebars will provide you with excellent width of viewing field, spot light on helmet will provide you with the distance and can follow your head - this combination will allow you to ride anything you would usually ride through the day - even very rapid descents.

2. Strong Flood Light On Handlebars Only

This is IMHO the second best thing if the flood light is strong. For anyone who is only going to obtain one lamp then get a strong flood light and place it on your handlebars. Flood light does not have a bright spot in the middle that would bother your eyes. It is going to evenly light a wide location in front of the bike which also includes corners. It ought to be strong so it has enough distance. This kind of setup is ok for everything but the fastest descents. For anyone who is going actually rapidly you'll require some more distance from a spot lamp.

3. Spot Light On Your Helmet

Mainly because spot lights give you much more distance they do not have to be so powerful to light the trail far ahead. Less power equals lower value, so this is the least expensive mountainbikelight setup of all 3. Bright spot will follow your head so it will not bother you but you are going to miss the wide angle of the flood light. Still even this is rather alright for most of the XC night riding.

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