What Could Not Work Right With Your Depth Finder

By Dane T. Feulher

A depth finder, specifically one that contains superior capabilities, like GPS and mapping, happens to be a fantastic piece of equipment to get on your vessel. Whatever sort of fisherman you happen to be, or in which rivers you fish, your results will drastically improve using a machine similar to this.

But you will discover conditions that may occur while utilizing a depth finder. Many of the troubles could be repaired, some just can't, and you will have to request for a replacement, if it's doable. Thus, below are a few things that may go wrong with your fish finder, especially in case you're using a Humminbird. Any fisherman should be aware of these issues.

The first aspect which I need to bring forth on this page regards the snags which several of these marine electronics feature, when displaying the water level. Nearly all advanced Humminbird depth finders are created to show the bottom and what is between the surface and the bottom, in lakes, rivers and sea waters over 400-500 ft deep, up to 1500 ft. Even so, in some instances, the bottom and the water level are displayed entirely wrong, if you are boating in waters half that depth, or just a couple of feet deep. This is a frequent predicament that many fishermen deal with when using these marine devices from Humminbird.

This problem is normally created by the sonar device being installed entirely wrong. If you don't install your transducer correctly, obviously, it'll transmit terrible data to your screen. Furthermore, you should know that your fish finding gadget might not work properly at first. It may demand a little adjusting. In reality, before reporting your unit as broken, it is best to take some time figuring just how it truly does work, and setting it up properly.

Keeping the fish finder handbook along is obviously recommended. So, in the event that by some reason, you do not get one with the box, check out the main web site and download it from there. At times you just could forget about a tiny little element when installing your fish finder, and with no guide book to figure it out, your unit might be simply unbeneficial.

Indicating the proper contour and structure of the sea floor and water depth while you are on the move, is another concern that may arise with a Humminbird fish finder. You should consider that in case you need 100% precise results, you must not cruise at higher speeds. Also, in case it's windy, if your boat or kayak strikes higher waves, your transducer might emerge from the water. This will certainly interfere with the information displayed on your screen.

Finally, watch out where you sail. In case the lakes and rivers you are sailing through are actually full of stumps, submerged logs and bushes, you could lose your transducer if it comes in contact with too many of those objects beneath the boat. In a case like this, a unit equipped with a removable transducer may be very practical. Portable Humminbird fish finders, like the Humminbird 385ci Combo Portable, or PiranhaMax 150 Portable are furnished with a transducer such as this. A transducer that is mounted with a suction cup will certainly just come off if it strikes a thing instead of breaking. Pretty much all you'll have to carry out is reattaching it. A transducer mounted in anchoring screws is usually killed after an impact with a strong object.

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