Five Need To Know Facts About ATV Lift Kits

By Thelma Kent

An ATV is a vehicle which is used for adventurous activities. This vehicle is designed to suit all kinds of terrain, be it rocky, stony or muddy ground. These are used during racing and other recreational riding. However, to have a smooth ride, the ground clearance of the car has to be good. The ATV lift kits are designed to adjust the height of vehicle, making your ride convenient in all kinds of terrain.

It is easy to use the kit and avoid the damage done to the vehicle. They not only improve the working but also the efficiency of the car. Depending upon the raise it gives to the vehicle, they are broadly of three types. The normal lift kit gives a rise of two inches and the extreme can raise it up to twenty one.

This reduces the damage to the car that is caused by challenging and tough trails. It elevates the car, thus gaining more ground clearance. It also protects the engine from water, mud and other harsh elements and obstacles of the road. This enables a quick navigation on off roads and watery trails.

The average lift gained by them is about two inches. As a result, bigger tires are installed. Bigger wheels give up to four inch raise in the car. This makes the ride smooth in tough terrains. The extreme high lifts can give clearance of eighteen to twenty one inches. They are easy to install and are made up of simple parts.

The major disadvantage of this kit is that it increases the point where gravity acts on the vehicle and makes it unstable at great speed. In addition, by using them, the vehicle is not very safe to be driven on regular roads. If not driven properly, they might cause accidents too. These types of vehicles are designed for off roads and not for normal roads.

ATV lift kits are manufactured by many firms. It is always better to check the quality and price before purchasing them. A poor quality material may not be long lasting and can even breakdown anytime.

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