What To Know About AK-47 Tactical Accessories

By Thelma Kent

There are few small arms more recognizable than the vaunted AK-47. Simple, reliable and almost indestructible, the Kalash is also a great AR for many situations. For owners of stock versions, there are numerous AK-47 tactical accessories one can add. The simplicity of design make these upgrades easy to add and can immensely improve performance in whatever situation arises.

Many operators upgrade the trigger mechanism. Trigger slap is a common issue with AKs and happens when the bolt carrier hits the trigger hook resulting in a slap to the finger. Not only can this be painful with prolonged firing, but can effect accuracy. Trigger replacements feature higher tolerances which help eliminate this feedback. This upgrade also improves trigger pull.

Replacement stocks are a popular accessory. The original stock on most weapons is wood and can be cumbersome in many situations. Collapsible stocks are a good choice to ensure proper firing position, especially if body armor is being employed. For transport and tight situations, the folding stock diminishes the silhouette and improves maneuverability. The folding stock is often used in combination with a SAW-type pistol grip for added firing stability.

There are many sight upgrades one can make the Kalashnikov, from iron sight upgrades to optical set-ups. New iron sights will include a windage and elevation adjustment, and can include an aperture style rear sight. A more substantial upgrade is an optical sight. Red dots and holographics require the installation of a rail system to mount the optics.

A well-stocked tactical retailer will have many choices of accessories, or one can turn to the internet. There are also great resources online to help provide guidance on which upgrades will be most effective. It is also essential that any accessories meet Federal regulations (known as 922r rules).

The Kalashnikov is a great AR, but it is also like owning a piece of history. The stock version is fine, but there is nothing like shooting a rifle that has been customized for an individual. ak-47 tactical accessories upgrade the experience and make the rifle a much more effective weapon.

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