Chose From Large Variety Of Ice Fishing Traps

By Goldie Booker

The water freezing over hardly affects the appetites of hundreds of species of fish. Some types do not like the cold and will sink down to the deepest and warmest parts of the lake in order to avoid surface temperatures. Other fish are well adapted to the cold and will continue to feed on any morsels suspended at any layers. Not all fish hibernate, and so winter work with ice fishing traps can be wonderfully productive.

One favorite winter fish is the perch. They like to move in schools but will sometimes hunt independently. They are often reputed to feed more vigorously right aver the lake freezes over. It is probable they are competing over any remaining food near the surface. Experienced anglers know they can catch through the ice and will use both rods and steel cages. It helps to understand the habit of each species.

A trap is well worth the money because many fish will bite even while they are hugging the bottom. Many species will alternate between layers, rotating between food and comfort. As a rule most fish concentrate in the depths.

Quit a few species will alternate between depth. What it inevitably means is several species in the same trap, after the same bait. Set a trap for a specific species, by alternating the entrance design. At any rate, a good cage and bait should yield several tasty fish.

There are plenty of different cages to purchase, from steel boxes with mesh walls to ones with steel bars. They come in many sizes and can have one, two, or three entrances. There are many options for the many species and their feeding habits.

A trap is perfect for someone who is looking for an opportunity rather than for sport. ice fishing traps mean that the fisher does not have to sit around all day in the cold. Some people just want the fish and these fine devices do the job.

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