The Sport Of Bonefishing Provides Great Recreation

By Elinor Tran

Bonefish are known as the 'grey ghost' for their silver and blue colors. They also have a black or grey outline along their fins and are best sought in waters off Key West, Florida. Bonefishing Key West is best accomplished using fly fishing techniques and tackle.

The best spots to bonefish are in waters less than three feet deep with flat areas of white sand or grasses. This is where their main source of food is found. The shrimp and crab lurk in these areas. The translucent water here allows for sight casting by kayak or wading.

Catching a bonefish may be done through the more relaxing style of fly-casting, but once a bonefish bites, it's all adrenaline to reel it in. In other areas of the world, bonefish are two to five pounds, but in the Keys, they are typically six to 12 pounds. The prevalence of prime bonefish habitat likely contributes to the size of the bonefish population.

The grey ghost swim in large schools, but it may be a challenge to hook just one. Use live bait, or fake that looks real. Either can be found at local fishing gear shops, or along the pier.

If you are a skilled at fly fishing, then bring or rent your own gear. A number seven to nine weight rod is recommended for bonefishing. A double haul casting technique is used with a large arbor wheel and fluorocarbon leader.

To be sure to catch your fill, consider hiring a guide. The local outfitter will have all the right gear and know the best spots for bonefishing key west. Catching a bonefish and reeling one in is all up to you. Once on the line they will provide excitement while they run the line out and turn fast to lose the hook. Be sure to capture the moment for your scrapbook. A silver fish held up over the clear blue waters will be a memory that will last.

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