Facts About Buttonhole Chamois Cream

By Lenn Rubenstein

One of the places that cyclists spend a great deal of time is on their bicycle saddles while wearing padded shorts and sweating a lot. The pedaling action causes them to shift from one side to another and this causes the skin to chafe or saddle sores to develop. As a result, buttonhole chamois cream is a very valuable item to them.

Chafing and saddle sores can cause a lot of discomfort to riders and prevent them from riding. Sometimes this can happen for weeks at a time. This substance is used by some of the top cyclists in the world to help them improve the quality of their training and performance.

It acts as a barrier which prevents sores from occurring. In addition, it makes existing ones better and reduces the incidence of inflammation and friction. It is very easy to apply and it can be used in two ways.

It can either be applied directly to the skin for maximum protection or a thin layer can be applied to the pad of the cycling shorts. This skin lubricant is available in various size jars as well as single use packets. This makes it very convenient to use because it does not require squeezing a tube and trying to get all of it out.

Among the components of this substance are several natural ingredients including sunflower seed oil, cacao seed butter and peppermint oil. It has a fairly thick, creamy consistency that is just right, it smells good and it is easy to wash out of the shorts. Besides having a cool, tingly sensation on the skin, the astringent and disinfectant properties prevent infections from occurring.

The quality is very good and it is also very reasonably priced. Riders can be comfortable in the saddle for a much longer time when they use buttonhole chamois cream to protect them. It will help them to perform at their best.

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