Never Stop Pedaling Again With Fixie

By Daniel Turbin

A simple concept. Take an old solid frame; add loads of fixed gear partsand the fixie is created. The fixed gear bike has experienced a big boom in popularity over the last few years as the purist form of cycling you can find.

These new creation and self built oddities have leaped from the track bike on to our streets with a vengeance. They are surely something totally different to the mass produced as well as soulless creations you see in commercial bike stores nowadays.

The key distinction as soon as you look at the fixed gear partsbolted on is the clear absence of a freewheel. A freewheel design is for the lazy bicyclist. No with regards to a fixie you stop the bike by stopping pedaling. It is an unusual concept to comprehend at first and can result in many a battered shin, but when you master it no other form of control will come close.

The appeal of a fixed gear bike is the effect it has on your body. It is going to develop strength, stamina and overall fitness sooner than any other exercise regimen bar a boot camp possibly. You are going to feel outside the 'normal' biking community, however to a fixie lover that's the smartest thing that could occur. A fixie is something slightly rebellious and especially when creating your own, are not there to make a fashion statement.

So now is the ideal time to go out there and test it. With the financial state like it is, the money you will spare by creating your own fixie is enormous. Grab an old solid frame, piece together some fixed gear partsand simply do it. You will never ever look back and you bet your life you won't ever like to stop pedaling once again. The time of the fixie has begun!

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