It Pays To Have A Fair Understanding Of Fixed Gear Bike Parts, So You Know What You Are Looking For

By Daniel Turbin

Its best to have a fair understanding of fixed gear bike parts, so that you understand what you are trying to find. You must be carrying a couple of spares of single speed bike parts as well as custom bike parts. You'll be using these either to carry out a conversion from road bike if you are creating a fixed gear bike on your own. You'll as well need to carry a few fixed gear bike parts as spares. If you're an adventurer then your fixie could take quite a pounding and so carrying some fixed gear parts is necessary.

Among the skills you must be learning as a fan of fixed gear bike is knowing where you should search out spares on the cheap, cannibalize them and then utilize them as spares for yourself. Old road bike parts and fixed gear track bike parts are perfect for this. You must always be on the look out for a dead cheap example. They could be utilised to source decent fixed gear bike frames. It is not unheard of for a fixie nut to have several frames hanging around, being saved for the upcoming project.

Where fixed gear bike handle bars are concerned you should have no problem locating these. They could be purchased fairly cheap or sourced second hand from many stockists of fixed gear bike parts. It actually depends on the styles you prefer. You can choose a standard and conventional set of drop bars or the slight variation on that in the splayed Randonneur which are a bit more comfortable over lengthy distances. Options are the Cow horn styles or moustache also. Ultimately the modern butterfly bars are an option and very modern currently.

Amongst the places you might want to check out more closely is fixed gear bike wheels. This is a subject which has no straight answer. Yes you can buy these on the cheap or used, however beware. Check very thoroughly for any indications of rust inside the profile particularly and also crash damage. You might want to check precisely how straight these are first. These fixed gear bike parts can be salvaged and then re-spoked and redished by a profession to ensure a good re-build.

The other option for fixed gear wheels is to buy brand new. There are lots of brands with Mavic and Velocity being the most respected. What fixie wheel you purchase to add to your fixed gear bike parts stash may rely on what you are going to do with your bike. A wheel for the off road battering of a fixed gear mountain bike will be totally different to touring or road fixed gear bikes.

What ever way you choose to go, new or used, always check you're purchasing the correct fixed gear bike parts at the correct prices. If buying or collecting used parts, check there credibility and clean them up correctly to check on damage and rust. Taking simple precautions and thinking through your purchase carefully will eliminate costly errors and often painful ones if they fail.


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