Properties Of The New Black Hills 5.56 Ammunition

By Freida Lamb

Black Hills 5.56 Sierra 69 grain OTM ammunition is quite new on the market and it has attracted many users. This ammo is made for rifle teams in the US Military. OTM stands for Open tip match. This is a term used in the military to refer to bullets that are designed in a Sierra MatchKing design. It can also be used by other shooters. People who do shooting for sport and recreation can also use this ammo.

This ammunition has attracted many buyers. It was designed for rifle teams in the American army as well as sporting activities. It was made in a similar design to that of the Sierra MatchKing and that is why it is referred to as Open tip match.

Their new ammo was introduced in the market in 2012. Many people who do shooting for sport and those in the armed forces have praised its quality. Firearms manufacturers also use this ammo to test their equipment.

A special bullet cannelure has been utilized in making this ammo. This cannelure has increased reliability of the ammo and at the same time it has not compromised on accuracy. The 5.56 caliber is made with perfect precision for hunting activities and also with toughness that is suitable for military use.

This bullet is made to travel in a projectile similar to that of Sierra MatchKing hollow point. It was designed to be light in weight and it is very accurate. The bullets do not flash when shot and this makes them perfect for application in areas where low light is required. The Sierra open tip match design is perfect for use with AR 15 guns which are quite common nowadays.

The black hills 5.56 ammo is good for shooting over long distances. For a barrel that is 20 inches the velocity of the bullet is 2750 feet per second. Even under extremely high temperatures the propellant is still stable. This ammo performs like no other. It is recommended for both professionals and amateurs who love hunting.

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