UTV Accessories Provide Extreme Protection To Vehicles And Sportsmen

By Freida Lamb

Utility Terrain Vehicles drew the attention of extreme sportsmen since the first rigged Rhino made its way into the Arizona desert. Not long after the trend caught fire and developed into daredevil sport where the participants required all kinds of protection for the body and vehicle. UTV accessories have since become part and parcel of the sport as they are armament for both the sportsperson and vehicle.

The vehicles are exceptionally high powered and due to the nature of the sport, have to be fitted with durable parts. For the front and back there are tubular steel guards. The perfect fit poses no obstruction to the hood and the whole area is protected from serious damage.

Zinc-plated steel tire chains are ideal for snow and ice covered terrains. The enhanced traction on the wheels result in improved performance. Zinc adds further protection as it slows down the corrosion on the chains.

Primary care has been administered to windshields as they they also offer vital protection. The rustproof, coated framework is easy to refit made to withstand the toughest conditions. The new tilted designs offers extra cooling for the driver in hot or humid conditions and cannot be used in speeding vehicles.

Apparel for the sport has been constructed to provide the ultimate bodily protection. The aerodynamic designs maintain body temperature while the fabrics used are abrasion resistant. The knees, elbows and chest area are fitted with sliders and padding while the complete suit can be fitted in seconds due the strategic placing of snap connectors.

Boots, helmets, gloves and goggles are a definite part of UTV accessories. Boots in particular come in an impressive range to suit any application. Genuine leather varieties are technically made and perfected for the extremists. The ones used in motocross have specially developed soles, an impressive buckle system, solid protection for calf and toe areas as well as an airflow ventilation system.

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