Recommended AK-47 Tactical Accessories For Use By Hunters

By Freida Lamb

Hunters who want to add AK-47 tactical accessories to their tactical rail, or who would like to buy a tactical rail for their rifle, might find this of use. Please check your local weapons laws to ensure your purchase is legal. For some suggestions, consider the following.

If you have a rifle which is older than the 100 series, an excellent way to upgrade is by replacing the iron sights with a scope. You could also try a red/green dot sight. These are both good for allowing the hunter to quickly find and sight in on targets which are downrange. It is also possible to buy them combined.

If a rail is what you require, and they are essential if anything other than the factory iron sights are to be attached, then you might like to try out a Quad-rail system. They look great, and many accessories can be attached quickly and easily. Another possibility is the addition of a side rail.

Stocks are another fine addition if you want to upgrade your AK-47, and there are many brands to choose from offering both collapsible and folding stocks. The good news is that any brand should fit your rifle. Many users prefer the collapsible stocks, for comfort when shooting, but as they are detachable, an under -folding or side-folding stock may be better depending on the sport or hunting event.

For the WASR 10 AK-47, the best magazines come from TAPCO. They do not usually need to be filed down to fit the rifle. They can usually be bought for under thirty dollars, and are not just for the WASR. A 20 round magazine is better than a 30 if you are firing from the ground, as the 30 round magazine can get in the way.

A good way to upgrade the WASR 10 is to add a hand grip. Grips are available with grooves for the fingers, which improve performance by enhancing comfort. If you prefer, they are also available without finger grooves.

A Bi-pod can be added and removed in seconds if you have a quad-rail system, and is a great accessory which adds to the tactical look of the gun. As mentioned above, if you choose to use a Bi-pod, you should consider using a 20 round magazine. These are less likely to touch the ground.

Your ak-47 tactical accessories kit would not be complete without a cleaning rod. It is a most basic tool, but very useful in cleaning and maintaining your weapon. They are very easy to obtain, and are inexpensive.

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