The New Black Hills 5.56 77-GR OTM Cartridge

By Stephanie Skinner

Famous for their quality, the inclusion of the Black Hills 5.56 77-GR OTM in their range shows how committed they are to increasing the number of loadings on offer. Don't think this is simply an ordinary . 223 Remington round. Better take a closer look

This cartridge meets military specs so it exceeds SAAMI pressures. It would be unsafe in many rifles chambered to the SAAMI standard. Be very careful before adopting this new round. These mil spec rounds come with heavier bullets, which results in the higher pressures. Should your rifle be built to cope, then this is an amazing cartridge.

The original military round was designed to push the envelope of effectiveness of the cartridge out to 700 yards, and this version for civilian use is made to the same standards. It is match grade, so can be outstandingly accurate in suitable rifles. While it is designed for outstanding performance on soft targets, penetration of hard targets is reduced.

As a long-range varminter, this is a prime choice. It may be more affected by wind than preferred. Anyone who loves varminting but is put off by the tedious job of loading their own ammunition, this addition fills the need. Suitable mass-produced rounds of this quality and outstanding efficacy are hard to find.

This would be an ideal round to cull nuisance monkey populations in Africa. Rabbit hunting at extreme range might be its nice in Australia, although perhaps too powerful and expensive. But then, cost-effectiveness isn't everything. It is designed to tumble on impact, reducing the risks of it over-penetrating except on very small game.

Do restrict it to smaller varmints, perhaps up to coyote-size. Although the military does not have an issue with wounding, responsible hunters prefer clean kills. It is also not suited to meat hunting, with a tendency to cause excessive damage. The black hills 5.56 77-gr otm is a cartridge for a specialist market.

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