Easily Set Up Your Own Military Fiberglass Antenna Mast At Home

By Douglas Johnson

Military skirmishes require sturdy and durable poles to keep their tarp and nets from falling over. Communication is also a big part of the military where reception is very crucial to intercepting enemies and retrieving information about other members. However there are two kinds of mast available to use.

There are many reasons why people should consider use these type of mass. Because these are economical and efficient and very versatile with other things. However with different brands and types available for mass consumption these days it is better to use military fiberglass antenna mast.

Most mast have the same physical dimension and easily connects with other types of mast. In general most mast made out of two kinds of material such as fiberglass and aluminum. Each have its good and bad side, but they both fulfill their purpose.

Setting up these poles start by placing the pivot base on the floor then hammering a stake on it. And sliding the pole sections at each end using the round guy brackets. Then using rope clips on the bracket will keep the pole up after the lower portion is slid into the base.

To simply set one pole get a good location for you pivot base then using a stake hammer it on the base. Then slide the pole at the opposite ends and securing it with brackets and rope clips to keep it from stooping over. Once the base has been slid in the lower part the pole is ready to utilize.

The basic accessories you need in setting up your own netting will simply be the poles, female end rings, guy brackets, stakes, and other accessories that promote secure fastening and tightening on each ends. Setting up is very easy you can begin by trying to set one pole first, connect it with the base on a certain location. Remember that once you set this up at least stay away from the site at two times the distance.

Chances are if you are not sufficiently distanced then the possibility of getting hit by the pole and being injured is high. Make sure to fasten the male and female ends with good ropes made out of nylon, and keep the base secured on the ground with a stake hammered to it well. Remember to have clips and brackets handy to prevent the pole from tumbling over after raising it from the base.

Why should you have these on hand at the comfort of your home. Just imagine when your communication lines are down after a crazy storm hits your town. And you do not want your relatives and other family members out of town to worry about. So you set up these things to allow for better communication.

Calamities often bring destructive changes in a blink of an eye. Keeping yourself safe and setting up a make shift camp site to avoid being caught in the aftermath will help. A make shift shelter become the center of where food, medicine, and other aids given to unfortunate people. Because it is very sturdy it can be turned into a simple hospital and clinic too. Remember that these were used in the military have been designed to fulfill a purpose. So civilians and armed forces will survive war.

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