Several Types Of Military Whip Antenna

By Laura Wallace

You could see a lot of it in military cars. And you may not know what are the uses of it. Since you are not expose to it. And working in a different field. Knowing a little of everything is important and it does not hurt. These things are very useful. They used them to keep the communication going. Like if someone is out, a hand held radio must be with you inside the car when driving. Since the it is connected to your the vehicle.

It could be used as transmitter or receiver. That is the purpose of having a Military Whip Antenna. Make sure you will get the best one. The success of the operation can be based on here. Because it refers to communication with other members. There are several antennas that you could choose from. And it will be discussed below. So you will be guided.

To have a better communication with the group, you need a hand held radio that is connected with the antenna. Since most of the life of these people are away from their families and they are assigned in the mountain. Good quality that comes with high frequency is great. Kindly check the examples below that you could pick and used it in your military vehicle. You could find them in military store. Or a place that is authorize to sell them.

OE 254 GRCRC 292. Before you install them to your car, please use safety gear. So you will not be electrocuted. Always think of your family and loved ones that you left at home. So never take any risks. And used those safety equipment. The range could prolong because of connecting old and new radio sets. So if you have an old radio, do not throw them away. You can still used them by using this particular antenna.

AS 2259 GR. Built for military used to combat enemy. So it needs high frequency of signal. Though, it reaches to 300 miles only but it is still helpful. When you install them, you have to distance yourself for safety. All these products have instructional manual that you could use. Read them first before you put them.

Slant Wire. It has the highest frequency of up to 1000 miles. Unlike other antenna that requires two vertical support, this one will be okay with one only. And ensure it is assembled properly and erected. It does not take time to assemble. It is easy and fast. If you are not sure how you could install them, then ask someone to do it for you.

Dipole Doublet. This is higher than the one above. Since the frequency range can be extended to more than 300 miles away. Two vertical supports are needed. Meaning, you need to install two. When you buy it, it is ready to install already. And it comes with instructions manual for your guide.

Whip Antenna. You could carry this everywhere because it is not too heavy. And the most durable one compared to the ones that are listed above. Though the range is short because it can only get a signal up ten miles and over land. This is not useful when you are in the ocean.

All these types are useful. And it is used for standard ones and optional. But best that you will use them so you will achieve your aim and that instant communication with your mate. When you are in the field and a bit far from the base, you need to keep your radio open and make sure the antenna is working great. So you can contact them easily.

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