Carp Bait Recipe Winter Boilie Secrets Best Proven For Big Carp!

By Tim Richardson

Use these expert tips, insights, secrets and advice to help you massively improve your winter baits and catches fast! Take maximum control of your baits so you really can get ahead permanently of popular readymade boilies, by making uniquely potent homemade baits which stand out most successfully even in the cold of winter! Get ahead of your friends and make the most potent baits for winter! These potent tips will put you ahead fast!

One of the first big points to grasp about cold water baits is that you must make them exceptionally active! You must make your baits incredibly potent and readily water soluble! Bait digestion is far less important compared to feed-triggering potential, but if you are using lots of bait in winter then it must ideally be rich in pre-digested or hydrolysed additives. Winter baits are at their very best when they are so active that they are extremely detectable by fish in minimum volumes from maximum range!

It is best to focus upon your bait practical functioning instead of its physical form first! What I mean by bait form is its shape, binding properties and characteristics, porosity, density, mechanical formation, colour, texture, its permeability to water ingress and break down and much more in reaction with water. Bait form is very different to bait function; bait function really relates most specifically to how a bait actually triggers maximum feeding responses! Bait function is the primary force in bait and not is form because how a bait triggers feeding is always massively more important than shape, structure, colour, texture etc! Far too many anglers are distracted by physical form appearances of bait yet it is the hidden function of bait that matters the most and bait function is king, and added features such as physical visual colours matter very little in comparison to other aspects!

For winter and spring baits most especially bait function is the vital key to success! Bait function can be described in terms of carp physiology as how optimised for internal and internal impacts and effects a bait is in releasing energy, and stimulating feeding responses! Bait function is in physical terms and how effectively bait disperses through the water column. Bait function can be described as its actions and properties and effectiveness as dissolved solution and as active, rising and suspended and sinking solution and particulates and more, to be as easily detectable by carp as possible!

The sole primary aim and purpose of bait is to get your hook into the fish's mouth! The critical role and object of bait is to hook fish, (not feed them!) So many anglers view bait as food yet that is really a red herring in so many ways, the true aim being to get fish feeding responses activated in real time, in the moment to maximise chances of hook baits in mouths, by using fish senses against them to induce the most powerful and intense feeding responses possible! The very best way to induce fish feeding behaviours is to generate fish responses in the moment and not by feeding fish up, (which in winter can dramatically reduce your chances of hooked fish because they can easily become satiated before your hook baits are taken!)

There is absolutely no doubt, from Redmire days of bread and sweetcorn to high flavour boilies, to flavoured fake corn and over-flavoured high protein pop-up hook baits that the very best baits for winter are ones carp detect most instantly and will take immediately! The old-fashioned highly over-dosed hook bait approach in winter, alongside a PVA bag of crushed baits soaked in feeding stimulants is a prime example of true bait effectiveness using absolute minimum bait. The best winter baits must stand out from background natural chemical clutter and enormously leak feed-stimulatory substances that get carp attention immediately for instant feeding behaviours to occur! Instant baits made to stimulate instant feeding responses is the most effective approach in winter; for example luncheon meat is a great, soluble winter bait, but is massively better soaked in a blend of sweet, fruity, spicy essential oils for instance!

Instant baits of years ago were usually variations of merely carbohydrate semolina or maize-based significantly insoluble baits. Carbohydrate baits were over-flavoured using solvent-based flavours which leached from baits fast. Among the fastest flavours to leave baits are the ethyl alcohol forms and propylene glycol flavours, often acidic sweet, fruit or spice characteristics and properties, though many were actually alkaline. Many effective winter flavours have an alkaline effect even though they are acidic!

It is a strange thought that many carp bait flavours for instance simply do not occur naturally within the aquatic environment, yet they trigger feeding responses; this is very much related to how certain components within flavours can actually approximate or even be substances that carp have to ultimately refine from whole food items within their own bodies! Having a deeper knowledge and practical appreciation of internal effects of bait substances such as flavours, additives and ingredients, in powder and liquid forms represents a massive advantage in being able to create far more effective carp baits! So many substance that stimulate carp but which are not normally found in the aquatic environment can be exploited within your baits, for instance citrus fruit oils, which have powerful and profoundly potent internal impacts on carp; ideal for winter conditions! Making unique blends of bioactive, potent soluble substances so you get fast and slow leak-off of the same or similar substances simultaneously is a huge factor in successful winter baits!

By making baits that stimulate all the sensory systems simultaneously, you really harness the true power of homemade baits best, and you can achieve this in incredibly potent ways to create the very best baits you've ever made! When you create base mixes genuinely optimised for form and function, to the point of being optimised even if you merely add water, then you are just touching upon the real world of optimised baits without liquid proteins and no flavours etc necessary at all; the base is the flavour, the protein, and the core of everything that becomes solution! Blue cheese powder is historically linked with winter carp bait success and combines the best of what carp are seeking including essential traces and mineral salts, and proteins (in whole and pre-digested forms,) alongside palatability enhancers, natural flavours, medium chain fatty acids similar to many found in coconut oil, (but in far more instantly suitable and most detectable forms for cold water conditions!) When you team probiotic yeast and de-activated yeast you know from decades of winter big carp captures you have winning substances, but combined with blue cheese powder, you produce bait extremely potent indeed ideal for winter, spring and indeed all conditions!

In combining blue cheese powder and active and non-active yeast forms in liquid and powder, you achieve a prime example of a bait that is high functioning on internal, external levels. Blue cheese and yeast baits function so well having excellent solubility and internal activity and packed with natural triggers and palatability enhancers, highly digestible and soluble, usable in minimum volumes to trigger feeding without satiating fish in cold conditions! A vital note on winter baits is that baits are best made minus any egg in liquid or powder forms; egg drastically reduces the one crucial function baits must have in winter or any other time, that being solubility and maximised detectability throughout the water column, eggs reducing bait potential to stimulate fish sensory systems to maximum effect due to being relatively or even totally insoluble (a boiled egg lasts a year intact in water!) Egg takes a massive amount energy and natural digestive resources to digest, so using egg to bind bait for multiple reasons is not the best option even though anglers have been egg addicts for years, certainly for winter baits egg is simply not optimal functionally and is best avoided!

When you compare using egg-bound boilies to no-egg boilies in thorough testing, then you will discover how much more successful and indeed how much more instantly successful making baits is without using eggs! Creating and making the most optimised active homemade winter boilie is a skill and a craft; experience makes a gigantic difference! I've been making homemade baits for 40 years; the truth about the best baits in actually not in bait ingredients and recipes but in understanding the fish in very profound ways internally, externally and within the context of modern carp fishing, where so many carp are extremely bait-selective, even when small and young, due to such commercial bait exposure and sheer numbers of anglers on the bank! So homemade baits made to perform differently, to have unique substances, tastes, nutrient stimulation, palatability factors and internal activities etc, that stimulate feeding all really count, but the biggest key is actually refining these and more so they are all genuinely optimised and maximised for form and function for specifics of water conditions!

For over 7 years I've constantly been refining, updating and evolving my one to one intensive 1 day personalized course formats, content and emphases for beginners to expert levels, due to so many anglers' questions about bait design and bait making needing answering very directly and clearly! The very best of refinements from all these tuitions and clients baits and catches feedback led me to produce a written word and picture-emphasised cutting-edge bait making course, which already has proven to empower anglers of every level, to make world class homemade baits that defeat the most well-known leading brand readymade baits. Revealed within my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets 1 to 1 cutting-edge bait tuition and new bait secrets ebook is far more powerful information! Why not visit my unique website (Baitbigfish,) now; see my biography for information and details of my exceptionally powerful, totally unique bait tuition and accompanying bait making secrets course ebook right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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