Requirements For Gator Hunting In Louisiana

By Shirley Perry

Louisiana has the largest reptiles in the United States. It is heavily infested with alligators. Indeed, it has the largest population of these creatures in the entire United States. They were originally discovered by settlers. Many people do engage in hunting process for various reasons. There are set procedures that must be followed before one is allowed to engage in Gator Hunting in Louisiana on land that is either privately or publically owned.

Wetlands are areas where stalking is done. To engage in the act, one has to inform the relevant authority about the intention. After arguing and presenting the requirements in a presentable and mature way, one is given the permission. Tags are usually issued by the department of fisheries and wildlife. This process is normally done some time before the hunting season.

Normally, the licenses are usually applied prior to tags. In order to be issued with one, one ought to fill hunter application form. It contains the personal information of the hunter. Names and the license of the driver are the usual information that is normally present. One is also expected to prove that he or she owns the property. This helps in the recovery of losses caused in case one engages in illegal practices.

When filling the form, it is required that the applicant to state what he or she intends to look for and the reasons behind it. At the same time, one is expected to present documents proving that one has received permission as required by the law from the property (land) owner. There are other documents that one is required to provide including hunting lease. Having provided the above items one is likely to be granted with the license.

Anyone willing to obtain any clarification related to acquiring the tags should seek guidance from the offices in charge of gator stalking. They help one understand the procedure to follow and helps one understand whether there Is relevant qualification. Payment ought to be made before issuing the license. On payment of license one automatically becomes eligible for the tags.

In Louisiana, the stalking zones are divided into two, west and east zones. Each is only opened for a short duration of time in every season. The commonly used methods during the process includes, use of hooks and lines that has been baited. Normally, the hours allowed ranges from sunrise to sun set. One is not allowed to carry out the mission at night.

Usually, there are no restrictions about the size to go for during the stalking season. However the numbers killed is equal to the number of tags issued. The preferred methods to use during the process include the hooks and line together with arrows and bows. Firearms may too be used except the shotguns.

To perform the act, a hook that has been baited, is placed over water where stalking is being performed. The suspension is accomplished with help of firm structures such as tree branches. Chicken and beef quarters are used when to attract alligators. When one is capture is killed and then removed for processing which is done in various processing plants located in City Pierre Park, LA.

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