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By Patricia Turner

Getting a wild turkey is like a trophy, but there is also the requirement for you to carry with you a wily gobbler when you go out hunting on public land. Nevertheless, these public land birds are very smart and are aware of most of the tactics used by hunters than the other birds. Getting one turkey calls for so much patience as well as a shift in the strategies and very much scouting. Those wishing to public hunt have to be aware of where the birds feed, roost, travel, strut as well as their reaction to pursuing pressures, so as to come up with a suitable plan for that particular situation. Below are some of the guidelines that will guide you when spring turkey hunting Texas.

One of the tips is getting far away from the road as possible. Most hunters usually hand close to the road, and this will be tough getting birds. In most instances, the far one goes away from the road, the more the chances of getting the birds that are less pressured as well as those that will be more responsive to the calling. Hunters and they do not seek most of these birds in most cases are less wary.

You can also get these birds even in smaller public lands. Most people tend to think that, there are fewer properties to enhance turkey hunting which is a misconception. Birds tend to move to greater distances where they will experience less pressure from shooting and where they will get comfortable breeding grounds. They also travel everywhere in search for food.

You can also change the usually used pattern for shooting by most hunters. This will shorten the time you spend looking for your birds. The hunters will follow a particular road during shooting, and this will form pressure on that side of the land, making the birds very suspicious. You will, therefore, get a turkey in a short time when you hint from the direction they least expect. You can also hunt backward for you to push the birds toward your direction.

It is always important to be ahead of the competition by making shifts in your patterns. Your plan should be to go into the woods even before the season begins. This will allow you to master the area and therefore enabling you to do your searching more efficiently and quickly. To be more efficient, mark the strut zones and property boundaries on GPS maps and units.

Finding the right spots when pursuing turkeys is very vital, though it is not an assurance. The birds on public lands will hear both bad and good calling all the time, and they mostly associate the calls to hunters. For you to get these birds towards your direction, you ought to come up with another different plan.

Getting quality decoys are vital in captivating the attention of gobblers and having them in a particular spot for long to get a perfect shot. That way, it will be easy for you to shoot.

Select the decoys based on the locality as well as the type of bird you are hunting. In most cases, the run and gun shotgun is usually a very dynamic method that usually works. However, patience is called for in this endeavor.

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