Tips That Will Make You Better At Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting In Texas

By Timothy Ward

If it is hunting season, you know this is the time to get your rifle out and call your hunting friends to see who will get the best catch. If you are new in this game and are wondering how you will make an impression on your pals, the secrets below will help you ensure you get that deer when you go to the trophy whitetail deer hunting in Texas with your buddies.

Taking a shower before going for deer pursuing is very crucial, as human odor makes the deer run away. When showering does not use soap that is unscented, while going to the field, ensure not to contaminate your hunting clothes. The plastic bag that carries the clothes should be with sand and leaves, this will facilitate in your clothes taking on the scent that is similar to the smell found on the very site that you are going to pursue the deer. This will make it easier for you as the deer will not run away.

Learn how to use the spray odor eliminator to your advantage. Most of the hunters will use the spray eliminator just after they have worn their suits and before the trek into the stand. However, the experienced hunters will bring the odor eliminator with them in the field, and after some time they will apply it. When using the spray pay attention to the hat and the hair.

In case you are doing the hunting during the wet weather, try as much as possible to make sure that you keep the barrel dry. Using tape at the end of it will ensure that you stay putting the moisture and when it is time to hunt, all you have to do is to shoot through the tape.

Get in and out of the area very quietly this will ensure that you get a good buck. For it to be possible for you to do this, before the season makes sure you set up and take down the tree before you start to hunt starts, also remember that the lower tree area is where this should be done.

The place that you will do the pursuing is something you should put into consideration. Get a clear picture of the place where you will be doing your hunt so that you can plan on how to do it successfully. You do not have to get an; aircraft to do the survey, but you can use Google maps for better results.

If you are hunting from a tree stand, it is best that you wear a full body safety harness. This will protect you just in case you fall. Note that most falls from a tree will take place when one is climbing into or out of it and without protection; you are likely to be injured.

No matter the time, you have been in a game everybody works hard to be at the top of it. This guide discussed above will enable you to emerge as the winner and get the trophy whitetail deer.

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