Checking Grip Tape For Skateboards And Other Parts For Damages

By Rosalinda Skinner

If you are fond of skating, then you must be familiar with all the parts of your gear. You must also know that there are areas that require constant check-up, including grip tape for skateboards, wheels, and even bearings.

Knowing the fact is very important. Routine check-ups will allow you to maintain the functionality of your gear for a longer time. Now you can take advantage of it even after several years from the time that you purchased it. Also, you never have to worry about buying a new one again. To help you out, check out some maintenance ideas to keep your gear working.

First of, do not use it outdoors on a rainy day. This can ruin the grip tape easily. If it is starting to wear off though, change it right away to avoid slipping accidents. You can do so yourself with the help of some items, such as razors, wrenches, and a hair dryer.

To avoid too tight or loose nuts on trucks, check it before using the board. With the use of a wrench, you will be able to adjust it to your preference.

Chips and cracks should also be repaired. See if it is still fixable and glue them at once. You can also use a clamp to hold them together.

Oftentimes, you may find your wheels stopping due to foreign objects sticking to your wheels. If you do, check your bearings for clogs right away. Take away the materials that caused the halt.

With all these pointers, there is no denying that you can achieve a new-look for your much-treasured gear. Through regular maintenance, your bearings, wheels, and grip tape for skateboards will be checked and fixed as well.

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